Chapter 11. Configuration

Configuration is based on the Configurable and Configuration interfaces of avalon:


A type that implements Configurable can be configured by calling its method configure(Configuration configuration), where the argument is the Configuration object that holds the user configuration settings. It can also be configured by calling the static method ContainerUtil.configure(object, cfg) of the class

ContainerUtil = org.apache.avalon.framework.container.ContainerUtil

This method checks if object implements Configurable. If not, no configuration is attempted.

The following classes implement Configurable:

In addition has a member Configuration cfg. It configures graphics via ContainerUtil.configure(graphics, this.cfg). The graphics are of type, which does not implement Configurable, so that no configuration takes place.

render.pdf.PDFRenderer and svg.PDFDocumentGraphics2D both call fonts.FontSetup.buildFontListFromConfiguration(cfg) and pdf.PDFFilterList.buildFilterMapFromConfiguration(cfg).

Configuration info is used by: